USB 3.0 Flash Disk Drives

The USB 3.0 market is exploding with these next-generation SuperSpeed computer accessories. For ultra-fast, compact and portable backup and file transfers, USB3 Keychain, Thumb Drives, or Flash disks are hitting the shelves. USB 3.0 maintains backward compatibility with USB 2.0 ports. So as you look forward with your technology purchases - smart money in storage means choosing USB3 to meet your current computing needs today - and take advantage of SuperSpeed performance for the long haul.

SuperSpeed USB3 Thumb Drives

Patriot's Best Drive SanDisk's Top Performer Lexar Ultra Hi-Speed Flash
SuperSonic Flash Drive

Patriot Magnum Series
SanDisk Extreme USB3 Flash

Up To 190MBps Reads
Lexar Triton Flash

Fast Reads AND Writes

Latest Generation USB 3.x Flash Storage

The recent switch to USB 3.0 ports as standard equipment on the latest PC and Mac computer systems has led to a swift and rapid transition to USB 3.0 support in storage devices. Major drive and flash memory product vendors quickly updated to USB3 chipsets in their products with little to no additional cost over previous generation USB2 components.

Traditionally, USB thumb drives offered compact, portable convenience on the cheap.

As with all SuperSpeed accessories, they're backwards Compatible with USB 2.0 and even 1.1 ports when needed - and offer fast data transfer rates on USB 3.0 capable computers.