USB 3.0 External Hard Disk Drives

The USB3 market is exploding with a variety of SuperSpeed USB 3x backup drives and computer accessories. Windows users were already enjoying the benefits of SuperSpeed before USB3 ports arrived on Apple's MacBooks and Macintosh desktop product line. USB 3.0 ports are now on the latest generation of all Apple computers. Even if your current system doesn't support USB3, both Microsoft Windows and Apple OSX users should future-proof your PC or Mac backup drive purchase by choosing a USB 3.0 backup drive now - you'll be glad you did a year or two down the road on your next computer.

Portable USB 3 Drives

#1 Option : Seagate Backup+WD Drive - 5 ColorsLaCie Portable Drive
Seagate USB 3 Backup+

Optional Interfaces
TBolt - eSATA - FW800
Western Digital USB 3

Up To 2 Terabytes!
LaCie USB 3 Backup Drive

500GB and 1TB Drives

USB 3 SuperSpeed Hard Drives for Mac And Windows PC's

The benefits of SuperSpeed USB 3.0 spec are clear: Backward compatibility with legacy USB 2.0 and 1.1 ports with the promise of data backups in a FRACTION of the time it used to take on modern computers. After some initial delays, USB3 ports are now being implemented in more and more computer logic boards and peripherals. On the Windows side of things: Inte, ASUS, Gigabyte, MSI, etc. are shipping motherboards with USB 3.0 ports onboard, many using NEC's SuperSpeed 2nd-generation chipset. All the early legwork being done has started showing up in shipping USB 3.0 drives and peripherals. Intel's Ivy-Bridge chipset, USB 3.0 support is finally bringing widespread adoption of SuperSpeed gadgets - both from Intel and Apple.

External USB 3.0 Hard Disk Backup Drives

1TB SuperSpeed Laptop DriveSuperSpeed Desktop DrivePortable 3.0 Interface Drive
#1 Seller Western Digital

1TB USB 3.0 Interface
Seagate Desk Series

Interchangeable Interface
ThunderBolt Or FireWire Option
Toshiba Portable Drive

Capacity To 2TB

Mac USB 3.0 Backup Drives

Apple Macintosh users have USB 3.0 driver support in Mac OS X Mavericks, Lion and Leopard. It's wise for Macintosh users to start buying USB 3.0 backup drives, partitioning and reformatting the drive for MacOS, and enjoying the backwards compatibility with USB 2.0 ports when needed.

DIY - SuperSpeed Backup Drive Enclosures

For those wanting to assemble their own external USB3 backup drive solution - make sure the bare drive you choose is well suited to SuperSpeed's potential bandwidth. In the real word, the current crop of SATA III SuperSpeed drive enclosures should be paired with 7200RPM drive mechanisms with the maximum amount of onboard cache you can find. An SSD or Hybrid SSDHD is an even better option for putting together your own USB 3.0 enclosure solution. If you have the money - pair any of the laptop size USB 3 drive cases with a current generation fast SSD drive that uses a SandForce or Indilinx controller for maximum Write speeds well-matched to backing up data over USB 3.0 ports.
2.5" SuperSpeed Drive Case3.5" Aluminum USB3 Enclosure2.5" Portable 3.0 Enclosure
Connectland USB3 Case

For 9.5mm Laptop SATA Drive
Full-Size Drive Case

For 3.5" SATA Drives
DIY USB3 Backup Kit
AcomData Laptop Enclosure

Solid-State SSD fash drives also offer tremenous backup drive potential - if you have the budget and can live with SSD's current disk capacities. USB 3.0 currently provides data transfer rates comparable to eSATA - with far more convenience and flexibility - while delivering data rates via USB that rival an internally and directly connected drive. USB 3.0 is delivering on the promise to back up data in a fraction of the time: Minutes, not hours for Terabytes of data.